ARTIST’S statement

My work is a reflection of the relationships people have with themselves and with each other. My images not only reflect life, but my participation in life as well. I portray photographic images of great emotion by perfecting the art of drawing little attention to myself as I capture people engaged in activities that are important in their lives.


1979–2004         Solo Exhibitions          New York ▪ Los Angeles ▪ Nigeria 

n Come Dance with Me (2004) ▪ The Remember Project (2003) ▪ The Joy of Dance (2003) ▪ African Dance in Slow Motion (2002) ▪ Up from the Gullah (2002) ▪ Drumming and Dancing in New York City (2001, 2000) ▪ Children’s Exhibition (1980) ▪ The Year of the Child (1979)

1999–2006         Group Exhibitions                     New York ▪ New Jersey ▪ Los Angeles ▪ San Francisco, Cincinnati, South Carolina, London 

n “Images of Color” (2006) ▪ The Best of the Bronx (2005-2006) ▪ Resurrections ▪ “Submerge” Art & Environment Festival (2005) ▪ In the Blink of an Eye (2005) ▪ Half Full (2004) ▪ Images Facing Ourselves (2004) ▪ LLA NOITCARTSBA (2003) ▪ Art and Earth Collaboration (2003) ▪ This is Lagos (2003) ▪ Black President: The Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (2003-2005) ▪ A Taste of Harlem in Tribeca (2002) ▪ Bound Together by Common Threads (2001-2002) ▪ Portraits and Conversations: September 11, 2001 (2002) ▪ Committed to the Image: A Half Century of Black Photographers in America (2000) ▪ A Journey through the African and African-American Diaspora (2001) ▪ Scrapbook Group Show (1996) ▪ Peterson’s Photo­graphic (1982).

2001–2005         Outdoor Exhibitions                                     New York 

n 14th St. Union Square (2005) ▪ Art in the Park (2003) ▪ Economic Development Corp. (2003) ▪ Fulton Art Fair (2001, 2002) ▪ Harlem Book Fair (2002) ▪ Dance Theatre of Harlem (2002) ▪ Harlem Week (2002) ▪ Drummer’s Circle (2001)

overseas experience

1979-84             Freelance photographer                      Nigeria, West Africa
1982-84             Stringer for Associated Press
1978                  Operation Crossroads                         Ghana, West Africa



President, Cash Fine Art Publishers LLC

The Cash Family


JP Morgan Chase “Arts in Education Grant” for “Portraits of Successful Photography

Bronx Council on the Arts,
Bronx, NY


B&W Single Image Awards Annual for “Angels on the Beach

Black & White Magazine,
Santa Barbara, CA


Commendation for photographic coverage of the relief efforts in the Gulf States following Hurricane Katrina

Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, Washington, DC


BRIO Award for the photographic series, “Spirituality in White

Bronx Council on the Arts,
Bronx, NY


Certificate of Appreciation for “In the Blink of an Eye

LACC Media Arts and LACC Foundation, Los Angeles, CA


Television interview on BronxTalk: “The Best of the Bronx” Exhibition at Krasdale Gallery

BronxNet Cable TV


Community Arts Grant for “Speaking of the Bronx: Blurred Boundaries

Bronx Council on the Arts,
Bronx, NY


Instructor and Curator for “Half Full” Art Exhibition

Lehman College Art Gallery


Instructor and Curator for “Zoom” Art Exhibition

Bronx High School for Visual Arts,
Bronx, NY


JP Morgan Chase Arts in Education Grant for “Images Facing Ourselves

Bronx Council on the Arts,
Bronx, NY


African-American History Award for the photography exhibition, “Portraits and Conservations 9/11

Soundview Healthcare Network, Bronx, NY


Liberty Award for the photography exhibition, “Portraits and Conversations 9/11

New York State Senate,
Bronx, NY


Curator of Art, “Fantasy: From the Sensual to the Erotic

Danny Simmons Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


President, Image Griots Photography Group Inc. (non profit organization)

Image Griots, Bronx, NY


Black History Month Award

South Bronx Concerned Citizens, Bronx, NY


Commendation for the photography exhibition, “Celebrating the Spirit of Nigeria

Consulate General of Nigeria, Manhattan, NY


Community Arts Initiative Award, “African Dance and Slow Motion

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Manhattan, NY


Kodak Award, Grand prize for LACC’s 70th anniversary Photo Contest

Eastman Kodak Company


n B&W Annual 2005 (Angels on the Beach, 2005) 

n (Black President: The Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, 2003)

n Palgrave/St. Martin’s Press (Black President: The Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti,  and Fela: From West Africa to West Broadway, 2003)

n The New Museum of Contemporary Art (Black President: The Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, 2003)

n Trace Magazine(2000)

n 1980–2003: Big Red News  ▪ Newswatch  ▪ The Guardian ▪ SkyPower ▪ Africa Music ▪ Lagos Hilton Hotel (brochure) ▪ Ophelia ▪ Catholic Life  ▪ Concord Magazine, among many others.


2006                  Houston Center for Photography                  Houston, TX
2003                  Fulton Art Consortium                                Brooklyn, NY
2002                  Harlem Arts Alliance                                     Harlem, NY
2001                  EnFoco, Inc.                                                  Bronx, NY
2000                  Image Griots Photographic Group                    Bronx, NY


1979                  Los Angeles City College, California          Los Angeles, CA 

n Associate in Arts Degree.

n Certificate in Color Photography.


1953                  December 20                                               Harlem, NY